File Resolution & Size

Images must be in digital format and should be submitted at 100% (same size as to be printed). It is highly recommended that images are created in300 dpi at minimum, but no greater than 1,200 dpi.

Please refer to the “File Dimensions” in the table below when creating and prepping your images for submission. Because the ads will be a full-bleed, the File Dimensions need to be slightly larger than the final print size. The Trim Size will be the final size of the ad. Please be sure to include all important elements, such as text away from the edges with respect to the Safe Margin size.

2-page Spread Full Page Half Page Third Page Quarter Page
File Dimensions 17.25″W x 11.25″H 8.75″W x 11.25″H 8.75″W x 5.75″H 8.75″W x 3.92″H 4.5″W x 5.75″H
Trim Size 17″W x 11″H 8.5″W x 11″H 8.5″W x 5.5″H 8.5″W x 3.67″H 4.25″W x 5.5″H
Safe Margin Size 16.75″W x 10.75″H 8.25″W x 10.75″H 8.25″W x 5.25″H 8.25″W x 3.42″H 4″W x 5.25″H

Acceptable Formats

PDF is preferred. TIF, JPG, EPS, PSD and AI are acceptable. For images saved in Illustrator (AI), please convert all text to outlines. For images saved in Photoshop (PSD), please flatten.


Color mode must be set to CMYK to be a print ready file. If files are submitted using any other color mode, such as RGB or Pantone, we may contact you and ask that you convert your image to the proper color mode. Conversion from one color standard to another can result in a color shift.

This is why it’s best to start your image in the CMYK format.


Ad Close Date Ad Materials & Payments Due
Spring 2016
March 4th March 18th
Fall 2016
Sept. 16th Oct. 28th
 File Submission

You may submit your files by email to:, or upload them on our website at our Upload Center.  Larger files may need to be mailed on a DVD/CD to:

Attn: Eric Lowe
16049 Chapel Park Ct.
Noblesville, IN 46060



Payments are due at the time of artwork submission, and must be received according to the schedule found in Deadlines above.

Packages – If you are purchasing a 2-issue-package, please refer to the date of the first of the two issues to determine payment deadline.  If desired, advertisers may submit different ads for each of the two issues, but they must be of equal or lesser size.

We accept payments via check.

Still have questions?

Please contact Eric Lowe by email at, or by phone at 317.430.6143.