after_the_shock_logor300Comprehensive Health Education Services (CHES) founded and created this brand new program to provide parents and caregivers of newly diagnosed children with hemophilia and inhibitors the support they truly need.

CHES understands at a personal level the obstacles and challenges that coincide with raising a child with inhibitors. We strive to equip every new parent with the tools to navigate his/her child through everything from hospital stays to home infusion.

This weekend program is packed full of education and support. We play, learn, and grow while we build stronger relationships.

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Interested applicants must first pre-register for this event.  Upon completion, additional instructions will be sent concerning the registration process.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis for qualifying registrants, so we encourage you to act promptly.  Please note, this is a regional program.  Please see “Who can attend” in the FAQs below for geographical restrictions.  Thank you for visiting us!

For questions on who can attend and more:

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Call (781) 878-8561

Friday – Sunday, September 9 – 11, 2016


31 Barry Watson Way,
Lakewood, PA 18439
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Who can attend?

Children ages 0-6 with an active inhibitor that requires the use of bypassing agents, or who are on an immune tolerance regiment and their immediate families are encouraged to attend.

Note, this is a pilot program.  Consequently, funding restricts us from accommodating anyone outside of a 200 mile radius from the campsite.  (Participants will be asked to drive (and reimbursed thereafter), as no airfare can be provided at this time.)

We hope to expand this program to a national level, or provide additional regional programs in your area.  But we need to provide support to our funder(s) that expansion is a great need in the community.  Please help us by completing a Communications Profile and specifically indicating that you have an interest in After the Shock at the bottom of the form.


Will the location be accessible to wheelchairs and other mobility devices?



How much does it cost to attend?

There are no fees associated with attending After the ShockTM. Travel assistance is available for all eligible participants and their immediate families. Travel related expenses including tolls, mileage and parking will be reimbursed. All meals will be provided on site.


Will there be medical coverage?

We will have a highly skilled nurse with multiple years of experience familiar with managing hemophilia with an inhibitor on duty all weekend.   The SUNY Upstate Medical University is the nearest HTC within a 2 hour drive.  The nearest hospital is Wayne Memorial about 30-40 minutes away.

Will child care be available?
Childcare will be available all weekend so that parents may attend sessions. It is recommended that children under the age of 4 stay with a parent except during adult scheduled sessions.