The owners of Comprehensive Health Education Services (CHES) are proud to call Barb a long-standing friend.  We have collaborated on many projects and created the very first weekend long program for families affected by FVII deficiency; fulfilling a long time dream for Barb.  At its’ core, LadyBugs remains a program uniquely tailored to the needs of women with bleeding disorders, carriers and mothers’ of children with a bleeding disorder.

CHES endeavors at this time to carry on Barb’s legacy as the new providers of the LadyBugs Program.  We are honored to continue her work on behalf of all women with bleeding disorders (WWBD).  The LadyBugs program empowers women to find their voice when it comes to decision making about the health of themselves and their loved ones.  The goal of our day-long program is to provide education about medical developments, advocacy skill building, stress management techniques and more to encourage women to recognize that their health is equally important.

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Registration – CLOSED

Registration opens for the fall 2017 session on Friday, Sept. 8th.

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Friday, Nov. 3rd thru Sunday, the 5th, 2017

LadyBugs Program – Newport News Marriott at City Center – Newport News, VA

Why a Ladybug?

Ladybugs actually bleed from their knees when threatened. As a defense mechanism, the ladybug secrets a foul-tasting, yellow fluid from their knee joints to deter predators.

What to expect

Be prepared for a fun, social experience where we may get to know others who share our same struggle.

This weekend is packed full of education, support, laughs and tears. Meet us for registration and a social hour Friday evening at dinner.  Saturday will be filled with sessions and opportunities to meet others like you.  Sunday, we’ll finish up with a rap and say our good-byes.

As LadyBugs is designed to meet YOUR needs only; we ask for you to make child-care arrangements accordingly. In the event that it is impossible for you to secure childcare, it will be provided on site.

History of the LadyBugs Foundation

Barb Forss founded the LadyBugs Foundation in 1998 after she was diagnosed with FVII deficiency. A diagnosis that led her on a medical journey of nearly forty years to achieve after being told mostly by male doctors, that women do not bleed.

She recognized the need for women to network with other women with bleeding disorders to provide them the education needed to advocate for themselves. Barb has continued her work through empowering presentations at the chapter, national and international level.

Please note, in the past, these have been regional programs.  We are working hard and making ever attempt to bring LadyBugs to a national state.  As pilot programs, our budgets are lean, and therefore; may be unable to accommodate any airfare for the 2017 schedule.   Accepted participants will be reimbursed for mileage (or provided with airfare, if funds prohibit) and incidentals during travel to/from the program site.

Space is extremely limited, and it is unknown how many women we can accommodate at this time. Preference will be based on a first-come, first-served basis.  So please register as soon as possible.  It is likely that our funds will not be secured before registration opens, so please be patient when waiting for a response about the status of your application.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can attend?
The LadyBugs program is designed for women 18 and older who are mothers, caretakers, siblings and women with a bleeding disorder.
Will the location be accessible to wheelchairs and other mobility devices?
How much does it cost to attend?
There are no fees associated with attending a LadyBugs program. Travel related expenses including tolls, mileage and parking will be reimbursed. All meals will be provided on site.
Will child care be available?
Childcare will be provided on a limited basis. Since this is a program just for women, we would like to spend the day taking care of YOU!